Request for a call back

All requests for a call back will be considered in order of priority, with an emphasis being made to those who have subscribed to the higher levels of service that we offer and who has paid for a bespoke service. Before requesting a ring back please fully consider all the terms and conditions as well as frequently asked questions as this may answer many of your queries without the need to wait for our reply. The ring back service should not be used as a means of enquiring about whether finance is available for a specific project as we will refuse to answer those queries that seek to short cut the other services that we charge for:

Basic Service at a cost of £99.99

Clients accessing this level of service will have access to our data base of over 6000 various investors, lenders, venture capital and financial organisations for a period of 28 days from the date of their subscription. During this time Clients can search for lenders and investors who operate in the field that the Client is seeking funding. Such searches can be conducted either by Company Name, Country, Type of Finance or industry required. It will be for the searcher to identify the area that they wish to search and to narrow or broaden their specification to fit the criteria applied by the lender.

Searchers will acquire contact details which they can then follow up directly by themselves.

No guarantee can be given that the lenders will be interested in the project or that the project will be of a standard to allow for investment or loan.

The Funding & Finance Boutique does not offer any opinion or advice on this service and the Funding and Finance Boutique will not receive or review business plans on this service. This service is a self-service facility.

If after 28 days of access the Client still wishes to access the service a further fee will be required and you will be granted a further 28 days access

Standard Service at a cost of £1500

Clients accessing this level of service will be able to upload one business plan which will be considered by the Funding & Finance Boutique who will provide a list of suggested lenders and venture capitalists who in the experience of the Funding and Finance Boutique might consider projects of the sort set out in the business plan. The Funding & Finance Boutique cannot guarantee that a lender will be interested or that the project will pass the detailed requirements of the lender.

The Client will be expected to submit the business plan of no more than 25 pages together with a one to two page synopsis of the project which will be used to identify the area of interest, type of project and the sort of funding that the Client is looking for. It is crucial therefore that the business plan accurately describes the funding requirements as the search criteria employed by The Funding & Finance Boutique will be based solely on the information supplied.

Searches of the data base will be undertaken by the Funding and Finance Boutique who will supply details of possible lenders. It will be for the Client to follow up the leads identified and to satisfy any criteria identified by the individual lenders for funding. No guarantee of funding can be offered by the Funding and Finance Boutique and it will be for the Client to apply to any lender and follow up on the leads suggested.

The Funding and Finance Boutique does not charge any commission based on the funding achieved from the Client but may receive commissions directly from the finance institutions.

The business plan should cover 12 points as set out in the template documents available to subscribers of this service and once you have registered under this service you will be able to access a guidance sheet setting out the relevant points that should be included in a standard business plan. This is available from your portal in one of the drop down sections to download. In addition to the business plan download, the portal allows access to a library of various forms that you may require and there is also a library of financial terms to help you identify the correct type of financing for your business or project. No warranty is offered by the Funding & Finance Boutique however on the adequacy of the forms and the Client should satisfy themselves as to the relevance and suitability of the forms that they may download from the site.

Within the fee the Client will be entitled to one meeting with staff of the Funding and Finance Boutique in Bexhill, East Sussex, of up to 2 hrs duration, where they can explain their project and the thinking behind the same.

If the Client requires a meeting other than at our offices or in Hastings then our daily rate of £500 ( up to five hours) plus business class travel and accommodation will apply in addition to the fixed fee for the standard level of service.

This level of service is set at a consideration of the project as it is presented and the provision of possible lending institutions based on the business plan supplied .Under this level of service no attempt will be made by the Funding and Finance Boutique to suggest changes to the project or the business structure or revisions to the business plan to make it more suitable for funding. Should the Client require this sort of input then they should consider whether they would be better seeking a premium level of service. The service under this section is limited to a consideration of the business plan you submit with comments being available for consideration by the Client.

For the avoidance of doubt included in this service is:

·Access to the Client portal for 90 days

· Facility to upload your business plan, you will need to tell us about your business so that we can match you to lenders. If you don't send in your details we cannot search and you will be charged a full fee

· A review of your business plan and a report with our comments

· One meeting with an experienced financier

· Provision of a list of lenders or investors from our advanced database

· Identification of a suggested type of lender and finance for you subject to qualification by you and passing any due diligence imposed by any lender

The portal under this level of service will last for 90 days after which time the portal will cease to be available without further subscription. This service does not include consideration of any revised business plan or a document required by any lender of the making of any application for finance or other facility and is specifically limited to the consideration of the business plan that is up loaded and the information supplied at any meeting with the Funding and Finance Boutique.

Any adjustments made to the business plan or variance to the original plan made at any meeting must be confirmed by the Client in writing within 3 days of any such meeting. In the absence of such confirmation the Funding and Finance Boutique shall be entitled to rely solely on the uploaded plan and offer suggested finance solutions accordingly.

Premium Service starting from £3000

In addition to the standard service, described above, the Client will be able to discuss with the Funding and Finance Boutique flaws in the business plan or project and suggested amendments to the project or business structure will be offered. It will be for the Client to effect such changes. This should enable the project to be honed to fit known criteria for funding offered by lenders or other financial institutions.

In addition the Funding and Finance Boutique will undertake a limited amount of due diligence and provide the Client with material that they can then submit to the lender, including a bank report. No guarantees can be offered that even with this level of input by the Funding and Finance Boutique the project will be accepted by any bank or other lending institution.

It is envisaged that with this level of service and from a starting point of a £3000 fee up to 2 meetings may be included. Suggestions may be offered as to professional partners that might be employed but it will be for the Client to reach terms of engagement with such partners. Clearly if further input is sought by the Client beyond the level of service indicated above, terms with the Funding and Finance Boutique can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Should the Client require attendance at any meeting with any lender or other financial institution or professional partner this can be arranged at the daily rate referred to below.

Within this service you will receive:

· Access to a full Client portal for a period of up to 365 days

· Progression reports

· Facilities to upload your business and marketing plan. .You will need to tell us about your business so that we can match you to lenders. If you don't send in your details we cannot search and you will be charged a full fee

· up to two reviews your business plan and any suggested amendments and provision of reports to you

· Attendance at a meeting at our office or at facilities in Hastings East Sussex and a follow up meeting (at our discretion) without further cost, (Any further meetings beyond the two envisaged in this level of service will be subject to charge)

· The provision of basic due diligence

. Access to library and supporting documents

· Access to our staff with over 30 years funding experience

· Provision of a list of lenders and investors from our advance database

· Identification of a suggested type of lender or investor subject to qualification by you and passing any due diligence imposed by any lender

·Access to help with specialist documents subject to a separate fee based on time

· Help with professional introductions if required (Limited to one introduction per Client)

This service is suitable for corporate finance and projects that are looking to raise over £1 million including capital markets.

Other services are available at a discount rate subject to agreement

You receive a communication link in your portal with 10 credits. you can purchase additional credits. All communications are through the portal

We can also help with additional Services where we can prepare documents for you or assist in presentations.
Please check our FAQ page on website for further details.

. Call back requests. Only available for existing clients or their brokers but you have full communications through your portal

IMPORTANT NOTICE. The Boutique does not enter into full correspondence with clients, we do not accept emails or give advice on the telephone unless those facilities are entered into by contract for which there is a cost. You should familiarise yourself with each product and with the services that those products provide for as they are strictly adhered to. If you are going to need help then you should choose level 3 at all times and for any amount of financing as this service has more flexibility and a more personal service. Questions will be answered when time permits, in general terms you submit your business plan, we will ask questions for underwriting purposes and an underwriter will then provide a report and you can act on that report, then within a reasonable time period searches will be made and the results published for you to deal with. If you want staff from the Boutique to assist to work with you with lenders with your presentation, you will need to enter into contractual arrangements for which you will be charged. Questions and cases are dealt with in order and generally the

Boutique is dealing with several hundred cases at any one time. To enable us to work quickly on you behalf the portal system has been developed and is efficient.

Can I Communicate Via Email or through the Business Plan Uploader
No you should use the contact admin link, you have limited credits to ask questions with, but you can purchase more